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 Providing goods for hi-tech industries is not an easy task. It requires clock precision both in design and manufacturing.

Thus we use top market design software and fully automated and computer driven machines.

Machined products range is covering: Welding Neck Flanges, Rings, Blinds, Swivel Flange, Compact Flanges, J-Collars, Buckle Arrestors, Anchor flanges, WYE pieces, Forged barred tees, Bulkheads, Hanger Spools, Goosenecks, etc.

Machining technology includes: 23 CNC lathes (piece diameter up to 5,000 mm and height up to 1,500 mm), 8 CNC horizontal lathes (piece diameter up to 825 mm and length up to 1,300 mm), 6 CNC drilling machines (whole diameter up to 92 mm and length up to 2,000 mm) and 2 milling centers (3 and 5 axis).


SC VILMAR SA - 10 Industriilor - Rm.Valcea, 240445 - ROMANIA I Tel : +40(0)250703800 - +40(0)250703807 email: office@vilmar.ro
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