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For us, the forging is not only a matter of modeling metal but also a good start to our business.

We are able to precisely control the quality and the costs of final products and, through minimizing energy consumption we contribute to environment preservation.

Our forged products are covering: flanges, rings, valves elements, gas turbines elements, offshore components, nuclear components, pressure vessels parts.

The forging technology includes: close die forging machines (20T, 40T hot hammers) and open die forging machines (5T hammers, 800-1500-1100-2800-3500T hydraulic press, radial/axial rolling mills of 160/400T).

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SC VILMAR SA - 10 Industriilor - Rm.Valcea, 240445 - ROMANIA I Tel : +40(0)250703800 - +40(0)250703807 email: office@vilmar.ro
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